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Time to cash out?

Dear Editor:

Things are lovely outside the window. But that pesky “outside world” keeps nudging into view. And it’s not so “outside” anymore, when the economic assault on the environment affects the entire organism (the consumption-cycle needs to keep growing, but the planet’s resources are finite! Hello?).

Then there’s the financial fiasco, the world’s economies in collapse. Unsustainable. All the countries in debt, totaling tens of trillions (is anybody taking money seriously anymore? Is anybody counting?).

And don’t forget our country’s wars (oops, I mean our corporation’s wars). Will they just go on and on? Of course they will. With those kinds of corporate profits to be made, you can count on it. Count by the billions.

So what’s really at the root of all these problems? Money? Yep. It’s the monetary system with its inherent corruption and manipulated monopoly game. But is a world without money even in the realm of possibility? Well, yes. In just the last decade or so, due to the advancement of technology, it’s actually become possible.

Is it probable? Oh, let’s see, now. We’d have to be a rational and – at least somewhat – enlightened species, determined to manage our resources intelligently, and more concerned with our people than our profits, in order to pull out of this nosedive and transition into a new social system that made sense. So … I dunno. Turn on your TV and watch that Nascar parade circling the Jersey Shore, then you tell me.

So maybe it’s not probable, but it sure is fun to think about. I’ve been making some videos that explore the “resource based economy,” and I’d like to invite my fellow Roaring Forkers to play along. Search YouTube for “zeitgeist movement game,” and come open up some new terrain. Just for the fun of it.

Steve Saylor


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