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Time is running out

Dear Editor:

What do you cherish? An appeal for generosity …

The question arises from time to time in our lives: What do we cherish? Each of us answers this question in our own unique fashion. For nature lovers all over the world, the response is often pristine wilderness. The transcendent visionary Henry David Thoreau, a man with a special attitude, sensitivity and respect for everything wild, put it this way: “The West of which I speak is but another name for the Wild, and what I have been preparing to say is, that in Wildness is the preservation of the World. Every tree sends its fibers forth in search of the Wild. The cities import it at any price. Men plow and sail for it. From the forest and wilderness come the tonics and barks which brace mankind.”

As a graduate from one of the first Leadership Aspen programs, I am humbled by the achievements of so many creative and devoted residents of the Roaring Fork Valley who sustain meaningful initiatives that contribute to a vibrant community. The Living Arts Foundation (LAF) is one such project.

Now, the LAF needs our support with something our culture also cherishes: money! Your contribution can avert a tragic foreclosure auction of a 35-acre parcel of land the Living Arts Foundation has protected and preserved from modern-day financial predators for 24 years. While that may sound harsh, we are in a race to choose the kind of world we want to appreciate now and leave behind, once we are gone! Time is running out – Monday is literally the deadline for stepping up to make a difference with your dollars. Please call Sarah or Janet today at 925-7018 to save this property. You’ll feel great, and those who follow will be grateful – $29,000 is a reachable goal and nothing compared to the inherent sacred value of this land. Generously write your checks and demonstrate what matters to you!

Remember how you feel when you awaken to a world that “has visibly been recreated in the night.” A natural world thus cherished will always bring “mornings when men are new-born, men who have the seeds of life in them.”

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Bud Wilson

former director of conferences for Snowmass Village and marketing and development director for the Windstar Foundation

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