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Time is running out for pristine land

Dear Editor:

Yesterday I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Sarah Pletts, the artistic director of the Living Arts Foundation, a 24-year nonprofit based here in the valley committed to preserving our wild lands. I learned a lot about Sarah and her organization, which is doing very meaningful work in terms of protecting our valley’s beautiful natural spaces.

One of these precious wild spaces the organization has tried to protect is a 35-acre piece of land, at the confluence of the Roaring Fork and Colorado rivers that is in immediate danger of being lost forever, most likely to development. This land, rich in flora and fauna, will go to auction if funds totaling $33,000 are not raised by this Friday, Sept. 18. Once that date passes, there will one more opportunity, for two more weeks, to save the land. But that will be at a cost of the entire amount due on the loan; a much greater dollar amount.

If you have any interest in preserving this pristine land near Glenwood Springs and can make even a small contribution, please call Sarah for more information and to make a donation at (970) 925-7018. You can also contribute to fundraising by taking part in their Wilderness Retreat on Sept. 25-27 – a very cool opportunity to camp out and have your own “vision quest” on the land. Everyone, from the animals to the people who enjoy our wild spaces, will greatly appreciate your support! After all, one of the big reasons we all live here is the wild beauty of the mountains. We also love the Roaring Fork Valley because of the loving generosity of its people.

Thanks so much for taking the time to consider this very worthy cause.

Erik Skarvan


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