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Time has come to give to those who give

First things first. This is the giving season, and from what weve learned over the past few weeks, there are a lot of folks out there in need.Last year we sent a message to the valleys nonprofit organizations, asking them to send wish lists of three things theyd like to find under their Christmas trees. We published the lists and readers responded by fulfilling a startling number of the wishes.So we decided to do it again. Please peruse this list with an open heart, and consider a contribution to one of the nonprofits below. Each organization has contributed countless hours to improve others lives, and a small contribution now can make their lives easier in turn.The Aspen Times will kick things off by donating a half-page advertisement to Grassroots Asia, a local group that helps the underprivileged in Asia. The ad will help promote a March 30 fund-raiser at the Wheeler Opera House. If you cant afford to help now, then keep the list and lend a hand when you can.Thanks to all who participate. Here are the lists.Aspen Writers FoundationBook lovers and literary enthusiasts to volunteer at Winter Words, a series of readings and talks with notable authors. (Contact Lara Whitley at lara@aspenwriters.org)Our Temple of Salvation/Cuban Relief FundAny and all vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements to be sent to the Cuban Nationals via the Havana Jewish Synagogue, the Church/Hermanas de Caridad. Clothes or a computer setup would also be useful. (Contact Pablo Tacon at 948-8317.)The Wildwood School (preschool)Photo print paper, a clothes dryer and a 35 mm camera. (Contact the school at 925-5678.)Aspen Speedos Swim TeamThirty TYR Catalyst hand paddles for strength training; 30 Kiefer Deck exercise mats for use in wet pool areas; 18 each clipboards and stop watches for use at swim meets. The team has doubled in size since the ARC opened. (Contact Greg Karaus at 920-3866 or 618-2680.)Sopris MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)Any monetary donation to help cover childcare costs. We spend approximately $7,000 per year to employ childcare workers for our MOPPETS program; tablecloths (paper, plastic, or fabric) to cover eight to 10 banquet-sized tables for group meetings; and paper products (napkins, plates, cups, plastic ware). (Contact Marla Korn at 704-9014 or whiteza@juno.com)Literacy OutreachSmall erasable white boards; portable cassette players and blank 60-minute cassettes; and Wal-Mart gift cards (any amount). (Contact Martha Fredendall at 945-5282 or 945-7723, or e-mail to mfredendall@coloradomtn.edu)Aspen High School English as a Second LanguageBantam bilingual dictionaries: three English-French; one English-Russian; one English-German; one English-Mandarin Chinese; and 27 English-Spanish. (Contact Linda Lafferty at llafferty@skiers.ahs.aspen.k12.co.us)Challenge AspenFolding or stackable chairs; laptop computer; and PowerPoint projector. (Call 923-0578.)Basalt Middle School bandOne to 15 band chairs at $67 per chair; $300 for a used clarinet, trumpet or flute; $50 to purchase a single score. (Contact Joan Knab, at 384-5866.)Aspen Art MuseumA palette jack, an essential piece of equipment used to safely and expeditiously move larger insured art pieces that are currently transported by manpower alone; patio furniture for the entrance; a drying rack to help students create two-dimensional artwork. (Contact Bennett Bramson at 925-8050.)Aspen DonorDirectPostage stamps; $25 City Market gift cards; and Clarks cash saver stamps. (Contact Bartlett at 948-2104, or donordirect@hotmail.com. Web site is http://www.DonorDirectSupport.org)Roaring Fork Family Resource CenterA copy machine for the office (can be small size), City Market gift cards and RFTA bus passes for families in need. (Contact Nancy La Joy at 384-5694 or nlajoy@rfsd.k12.co.us)Refuge Animal SanctuaryDog collars, new or used; flea and tick medicine for dogs and cats; towels, new or used. (Contact Susan McPherson at slm@sopris.net)Mision: ComunidadApple laptop or desktop computer (year 2000 or newer); digital still camera, 2 mega pix or higher; office furniture. (Contact Luis Polar at 618-8316, or lpolar@lamision.net)Mid-Valley Kiwanis ClubMore members to join this fun, small group, which raises money for the Basalt High School Key Club, Battle of the Bands; two college scholarships for Basalt students; extended table. Meets for lunch at noon on Wednesdays at Basalt Town Hall. (Contact Ryan Anslyn at 948-7756.)Roaring Fork Kids day careBritta water filters (pitcher-size preferred); non-scented baby wipes; plants for the classrooms. (Contact Christina Holloway at rfk@rof.net)Aspen Grassroots ExperienceUsed recent ski helmets and clothing (please no one-pieces); used recent snowboards; frequent-flier miles to fly youth to the programs. (Contact Janet May at 925-6671.)Family Visitor ProgramBaby books, ages 0-3; videos for families, including Understanding Birth video set by Injoy (one in Spanish, one in English), 14 Steps to Breastfeeding by Injoy (five in Spanish, five in English), and Stages of Labor video (five in Spanish, five in English); baby blankets. (Contact Cristina Gair at 945-1234.)The Early Learning CenterVideo camera, easy to use, new or good condition; industrial upright vacuum cleaner(s) in good or new condition; art supplies, such as washable markers and paints, glue sticks, medium-sized paintbrushes, glitter, colored construction paper and poster board. (Contact Kristin Burks at 920-9201.)Childrens Rocky Mountain SchoolPreschool education programs for Mac computers, especially music programs; computer paper and mat board; wood puzzles in good condition for children aged 3-5. (Contact Debbie at 963-2524.)Defiance Thrift StoreCarpeting (new or used); steam cleaner; donated carpentry to rebuild store counter and shelves. (Call 945-0234.)Aspen Dance ConnectionAir miles donated for our guest dancers; IBM laptop computer; office supplies. (Contact Fran Page at 927-0641.)Buddy ProgramOffice furniture; small copier; office space in Basalt. (Call 925-5717 or 927-1001.)Colorado Animal RescueNew institutional/commercial vacuum cleaner; 6-foot nylon clip end dog leashes; kitty litter. (Call 947-9173.)The Windstar FoundationA u-matic tape recorder; DVD recorder; a good quality VCR. (Call 927-5435.) Alpine Christian AcademyTwenty small computer chairs ($20 each); railroad ties; incandescent torchiere lamps. (Call 927-9106)Institute for World Integrated NeurocentersFunding toward a midvalley land purchase; donations large and small for a new integrative health center; community support for advancement of education and research. (Contact Dee Jensen at wininstitute@yahoo.com)Access Roaring ForkApple Power Mac G5 or a P4, PC, Dell or HP workstation, configured for video; new or used TV production equipment; volunteer carpenter. (Contact Steve Kaufman at 704-0106.)Aspen Wilderness WorkshopDictionary and thesaurus; answering machine; Quark or Dream Weaver software CD. (Contact Dave Reed at 544-0733.)Friends of Africa InternationalLaptop computer (PC compatible, less than 3 years old, with capacity); brochure development/printing assistance; funding for certified audit (approximately $5,000), so that we may be eligible for foundation support and for grant application requirements. (Contact Scarlett Norris Adams at 923-2466 or 948-6565.)High Mountain Volleyball ClubTwenty-four Mikasa indoor volleyballs; 12 Conform Jerseys; one volleyball cart (Contact Susie Patterson at 925-3144.)Aspen Theatre in the ParkA postage scale, the simpler the better; airline miles for actor or creative team member; housing for summer season (anything from two weeks to four months. Partially supported housing will do, i.e., a deal on the rent). (Contact Lisa Blunt at 925-9313, ext. 1, or Liz@AspenTIP.org)Animal Rescue FoundationVolunteers to commit to three hours per month to help with Pet of the Week at RJ Paddywacks; foster homes to help save more lives; old cell phones, which can be dropped off at Alpine Bank in Carbondale or RJ Paddywacks in El Jebel. (Contact Peggy at 963-4723, or stop by RJ Paddywacks.)Stepstone CenterFramed cork board; digital camera; 8 1/2-by-11 or 11-by-14 colored paper. (Call 963-3483 or e-mail to chaplin@sopris.net)Latinoamericanos UnidosMagazine boxes; 8 1/2-by-11 office paper; miscellaneous office supplies (paper clips, tape, file folders, etc.) (Call 704-0935 or e-mail to calihl@hotmail.com)Grassroots AsiaA playground for orphans at a new resident home and school in Orissa, India. Playground budget is $2,500, but any contribution welcome. Also art supplies for centers, orphanages and schools in poor rural areas in Asia, with drawing pads and colored pens or pencil sets preferred. (Contact Debbie Pennington at 923-1200.)Aspen Foundation for Sports Medicine, Education and ResearchOn behalf of Dr. Charles Dillman, executive director of research, the foundation would like a new Macintosh G5 with voice-recognition and speaking capabilities. In a recent surgical accident, he lost oxygen to his brain for five minutes, which resulted in vision loss. The computer costs about $2,000, but Dillman has worked hard to recover from the accident and is truly an inspiration to all. (Contact Cynthia Page at 920-4151, or afsmer@orthop.com)The Aspen ChapelA new or close-to-new computer to be used for the growing Tuesday After School Program; letter-sized file cabinet; a portable rack and brochure holder for printed materials. (Contact the chapel at 925-7184 or Jennifer at aspnchap@rof.net)SpellbindersElements of a portable sound system for storytelling to larger audiences; help with creating a teaching video from existing video footage; instruction on the use of Adobe Photoshop Elements. (Contact Al Dietsch at aldietsch@comcast.net)Roaring Fork Biodiesel CooperativeA dual-axle trailer; an electric scale (which can measure in tenths of grams); an elf to help us create a Web site. (Contact Soozie Friedmar at 309-1588.)Sopris Therapy ServicesSponsorship of therapy sessions for one physically challenged child for $280 per month; volunteer office help, one day per week; carpenters help to build a new wheelchair ramp. (Contact Pat Horwitz at 963-4677.)Blue Lake PreschoolPots, pans, muffin tins, cookie sheets; plants; large fish aquarium. (Contact Michelle Oger at 963-4380.)The Silver Lining FoundationGift certificates: Dominos Pizza, Clarks Market or City Market; Beanie Babies/stuffed toys (new only); single-use cameras or 35 mm film. (Contact Jennifer Lamb at 925-9540.)Carbondale Council on Arts & HumanitiesArts center (approximately $1.5 million); 100 chairs (approximately $45 each); electrician for annex space electricity. (Contact Drew Sakson at 704-1450.)Aspen Animal Shelter Capital CampaignCommercial washer and/or dryer for new shelter; Iams dog food and/or cat food; and toys, beds (washable) or treats. (Contact Bland Nesbit at 923-6947.)Aspen Community SchoolEighteen sets of dry erase markers in eight colors with erasers; one reliable and economical desk-top copy machine for the library. (Contact Karen Ohlrich at 923-4080, ext. 203, or 927-0796.)Little Red SchoolhouseTwo bread machines; two electric mixers; two microwave ovens (white). (Contact Cara Haugan at 923-5020 or haugan@sopris.net)Aspen Counseling CenterNew desk; computer; filing cabinet. (Contact Susan Markwood at 920-5555.)Roaring Fork ConservancyFour-wheel drive vehicle; self-bailing raft; PowerPoint projector. (Contact Jeanne Beaudry at 927-1290, or info@roaringfork.org)Aspen Camp School for the DeafFirewood; airline miles; a digital camera. (Contact BJ Blocker at camp@acsd.org)Rocky Mountain Restorative JusticeLaptop/portable printer (new or used); two tripods (or stands) and flip charts; three new board members. (Contact Kim Doyle Wille at 704-9535.)International Design Conference in AspenPlain paper fax machine; color printer; airline miles. (Contact Helene Fried at 925-2257, or info@idca.org)Aspen FilmfestDVD player for volunteer screening committees; inexpensive mini DV cameras for hands-on filmmaking workshops for youth; an office chair. (Contact Barb Frank at 925-6882 or bfrank@aspenfilm.org)Colorado Pops AssociationMobile vertical CPU stand (Dell CPU has 9-plus-inch foot); oil change and replace rear windshield-wiper motor on 1993 Plymouth mini-van; and quality printer paper for Epson 880 Ink Jet. Need not be photo quality. (They promise food, concert tickets, massages and tapes in exchange.) (Contact Linda Johnson at 925-5950.)The Cost of Freedom EagleAny stone or hard-rock tools; diamond blades for a grinder; a set of tires for a 1990 Suburban. (Contact Jeremy Russell, at 927-8794.)Central Rocky Mountain PermacultureUsed video camera; used van or SUV; and used Power Book laptop computer. (Contact Jerome Osentowski at 927-4158 or Jerome@crmpi.org)Aspen Given FoundationFolding table, 6 feet long. (Contact Mary Dominick at marydom@rof.net)Aspen Music Festival and SchoolBikes (in good, safe condition); desk lamps; Pentium-class or better PCs. (Contact Darla Dixon at 925-3254, ext. 121, or ddixon@aspenmusic.org)Mountain RescueContributions in any amount. (Contact Pamela Zuker at pamela@zuker.org)Aspen Junior FoundationA donor interested in naming rights on the old Aspen pro shop, which now houses the junior golf program; the foundations portion of the range balls purchased each summer from Aspen Sports (it gives kids unlimited free range balls to hit all summer); scholarship money for 20 kids who cant afford the $150 summer program cost. (Contact Alden Richards at aspenjrgolf@aol.com)Little Feet DaycareArt supplies (child paints, colored paper, markers); forks and spoons; and a purification system for drinking water. (Contact Jeanette Hayworth at 920-9000.)HeritageAspenSkirting and table linens for banquet tables (used is OK); digital camera; microphones. (Contact Georgia Hanson at hadirector@heritageaspen.org)KDNK Community RadioA larger studio space (cds, youth radio and staff are cramped); acoustic paneling for production studio; new carpeting and lighting for the current studio. (Contact Amy Kimberly at 963-0139.)The Adult Literacy Program (upper valley)Portable cassette recorders (new or used); blank audio cassettes; AA batteries. (Contact Julie Fox-Rubin at 927-9745 or foxrubin@marmot.org)Basalt Regional Library$30,000 to keep the library open on Mondays in 2004; sponsors for book- and kid-related programs during Summer Reading 2004 ($150, $250 levels of sponsorship, but any amount would be welcomed); child-sized seating for the childrens room. (Contact Linda Levy at 927-4311.)Mountain Regional HousingPens, pencils and small tablets for home buyers classes; disposable cups, small paper plates and napkins for home buyers classes; paper for copying class manuals; 8-by-14-inch envelopes. (Contact Susan Shirley at 963-9606.)KAJX, Aspen Public RadioVolunteers to help with database management (access) during upcoming Winter Fund Drive in February; carpeting to replace the well-worn carpet in the station; an affordable winter rental or caretaking unit for a new reporter. (Contact Brent Gardner-Smith at 925-5259 or 948-1930.)Aspen Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation/Aspen Race for the CureUnderwrite printing of 2004 Race for the Cure registration form; printer (HP78 and HP45) and/or Canon photocopier (Canon F41-8801-710) cartridges; underwrite cost of office space (200-300 square feet). (Contact Cathleen Treacy at 920-0250 or komenaspen@sopris.net)Three Rivers Little LeaguePitching machine; baseballs/equipment; team sponsors. (Contact Jon Nell Reeds at 379-6253.)Aspen Sister CitiesSeeking help for Aspens new Sister City, Bariloche, Argentina. Items needed include art supplies, musical instruments and newborn baby clothes. (Contact Francesca at 925-7280 or Pat at 925-4075.)Gabriel FoundationHeavy-duty shop vacuum, paper towels and trash bags; portable generator; assorted nuts in the shell for the birds. (Call 927-0368.)Aspen Community TheatreStock sewing thread; hot glue sticks; velcro. (Contact Rita Hunter at 923-3327.)Independence Pass FoundationTwelve pairs of work gloves, various sizes; six each heavy-duty rakes and shovels. (Contact Mark Fuller at 618-5086.)Theater MastersTemporary space in which to produce a show with 60 people in attendance, a space for readings, a space for rehearsals, perhaps even space for an office cubby; 2,000 pages of free copying and/or a years supply of black and color cartridges for a printer; active volunteers to help with mailings and posting notices. (Contact Julia Hansen at 948-9484, or JHansen1L@aol.com)

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