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Time for some Aspen soul searching

Dear Editor:

“Out of the mouths of babes.” Aspen student Logan Garrison’s letter (“Not our reality,” Dec. 21, The Aspen Times) regarding the filming of VH1’s “The Secrets of Aspen” was spot on, especially as filming policies in Aspen are under governmental review.

What is the reputation of Aspen when we are known as the filming site/location of such quality entertainment as MTV and VH1 reality shows, B-grade movies like Aspen Extreme, Dumb and Dumber, and the upcoming insult to our intelligence of Cougar Hunting? Modern Aspen was founded by Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke as a place for the rejuvenation of the spirit through vigorous intellectual and physical stimulation in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Are we, the residents of Aspen, proud of the image we are projecting to the world? Have we elected public officials who embody the style and grace of so many of the inductees to the Aspen Hall of Fame, to protect our town and create the legacy we wish to leave? The end of a year is a great time for retrospection, planning and conversation with friends and family. Is this the town we want it to be? What can we do in 2010 to honor the natural beauty that surrounds us and propagate the idea that Aspen is the preeminent location for high-minded thought and discussion as well as healthy physical pursuits, as opposed to the home of the vacuous and shallow?

James F. Dowley


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