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Time for change

The runoff election for one of the City Council seats is clearly a pivoting point for the future of Aspen. The voters will have the opportunity to trade juvenile antics for a youthful voice that is mature and wise.

I encourage you to vote for a candidate who will represent all of Aspen’s voters, not just a faction; who will bring a positive attitude to his job, who understands the uniqueness of Aspen and who will work to preserve it.

It’s almost impossible to list all of Tony’s shortcomings. However, one that can’t be ignored in this election is the fact that Tony does not do his homework; he’s just a puppet in the hands of many. Ask him why he rushed the transfer of the easement

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across the Marolt Open Space to CDOT before the voters spoke.

Ask him why he voted for giving city assets away without due process when the trolleys were transferred out of Aspen. Can you accept his reasoning? Is he accountable? It’s time for change.

Please vote for Torre on June 3 (or vote today at City Hall).

Lenir Drake


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