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Time for a trail

Dear Editor:I was pleasantly surprised to see that the RFTA Board, with Dan Blankenship’s guidance, has concluded that the Transportation Corridor, aka the Rail Corridor should be best used as a trail system for the public. The board has finally told the Rail Buffs to show up with money and contract in hand by March or forget it.A right of way for the rail will never go away, but what will go away are thousands of people that can make use of this corridor, if the trail is not built for 10 or more years. The “Train People” will not admit to the public that if you build the trail around the tracks it would cost an additional $3 million to $3.5 million, plus the lost revenue of $1 million from salvaging the rail.The trail enthusiasts helped pass the tax increase last fall and they should have their dream of a trail from Glenwood Springs to Woody Creek come true.Once again, I would like to thank Dan Blankenship for his leadership in this matter.Don “Hooner” GillespieGlenwood Springs

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