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Time for a showdown

Dear Editor:

Hey Roger ” I got the point of your letter, as well, and really thought my reply would convey the message that two ol’ local boys arguing about such nonsense would “twice-over” point out how ridiculous it was, especially since it was all about “could have beens” rather than reality (letters, Jan. 21). I took no offense and intended none in return. Basically, it was a compliment that you responded to my column.

As you may know by now, I am in possession of historical documents which appear to dispute the report you have cited in your letter of Jan. 21. Lysa Wegman-French sounds like an outsider, possibly of Irish distraction, so I’m not inclined to immediately accept the veracity of her research.

Given that we have two differing views on the history in question, I think the only way we can settle it is to meet at the Pitkin County Courthouse, say around high noon, sometime soon. In the fashion of the Old West, we’ll make it our OK Corral, but instead of carrying firearms, we’ll have eyeglasses in hand, pens in pockets and manila folders neatly strapped inside leather briefcases. Maybe, even, we’ll have some of those old-time rubber things on our fingers for separating paper pages. It’ll all be tucked under our gun-slinger, drifter coats with our hats pulled down low.

Braudis can clear the courthouse steps shortly before noon.

Since one of us could have been so damned rich, I suggest a sizable wager on the outcome, something of significance to whomever loses. In this case, perhaps, lunch at the Red Onion or a late-afternoon shooter at Ute City Banque.

Tony Vagneur


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