Time for a reformation

Dear Editor:

An anti-Semitic, anti-female, anti-democratic, fascist movement is now challenging contemporary civilization. We can’t win an ideological war without comprehending the ideology driving those whose goal is to heap as much destruction on us as possible.

Our national will to fully comprehend the Islamist ideology is being undermined in the fashionable and fuzzy names of multiculturalism and moral equivalency. Americans who recognize and unequivocally oppose both the mentality and the menace of radical Islam are labeled by the left racists, imperialists and warmongers.

Islam is historically way overdue for a reformation from medievalism to modernism. Instead, it has gone in the opposite direction and endangers the world. We should be sheltering and supporting a potential Martin Luther among Muslims who, too, has the courage to say, “Hear I stand; I cannot do otherwise.”

But leftists label such a heroic figure the shill of Jews just as they see Israel as the cause of Islamic international militancy instead of a country whose hope for peace has been shattered by jihad ascendancy.

Jerome Marks