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Time for a honk-in

Dear Editor:

Remember the great “honk-in” in 1994 to protest paid parking? That City Council cared what residents thought and they actually empowered us to write a plan and then allowed people to vote on it. Then council thought government’s purpose is to enhance the lives of its residents.

So what is this government’s purpose?

The tightening of parking rules and fees aren’t about “congestion pricing” or parking would be free in the offseason. The plan won’t reduce traffic levels during the season because there are 25,000 people staying in Aspen and Snowmass.

Their plan double taxes for residents and visitors; sets up a surveillance system the Bush administration would be damned for, and is based in a fictional traffic blame game. The plan ignores the fact that the bus system can’t handle the increased volume and that high occupancy vehicles are a cost effective way to move people.

If this were a sincere effort then the proposal would include HOV in the new bus lanes. Congestion would be managed by issuing HOV parking permits based on ridership: Christmas, four riders; early December, two riders; November, one rider.

This plan is about causing as much misery as possible so we will be forced to increase taxes by 11 percent to fund a $120 million bus rapid-transit plan. Visitors will sidestep the increase by mailing purchases, but we will have to pay this increase even when we shop online. And the BRT will mean more growth to house drivers, mechanics and more buses.

The transportation plan of 1994 is overdue for updating. But the city and county need a comprehensive plan ” not this hodgepodge of clubs and big brother surveillance.

Its time for another honk-in. … I just hope someone can hear the beeps.

Shellie Roy



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