Time for a dose of reality

One million dollars to fix up the S-curves. Sorry, no money in the budget. The city is broke.

One million to subsidize a developer with exorbitant rent for an unnecessary visitors center. No problem. We have tax money to burn.

I like the idea of using an old bus for a visitors center. Or, what about the former youth center, sitting empty. It has access from Main Street. No, that’s probably already been given away to a different developer. How about putting the City Council on the bus and parking it down by Mack?

One hates to use such harsh language, but it’s kind of similar to that council bunch up in Snowmass Village. When their eyes are spinning around in their heads like a slot machine and all they can see are dollar signs, little short of a lynch mob will bring them back to any contact with reality.

Richard Gordon/Aspen