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Time for a dope slap

Dear Editor:

This is a letter to make a few comments on what’s been written in the newspapers lately. The question of whether cutting the infected trees on Smuggler did any good is absurd. The beetles are in those trees due to too-warm winters, which is known as global warming.

Global warming is caused from too many greenhouses gases, in case one has forgotten. So why use a helicopter to remove the dead trees and add even more gases to the atmosphere? As “Click” and “Clack” on the Car Talk show would say, “Someone needs a dope slap.”

I really appreciated Donald Theiss’s letter concerning our true lack of democracy due to the corporations and Wall Street running Congress. I know some folks would call him a communist (I actually heard it), but that’s because they’re ignorant, in denial or don’t realize that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” Thomas Jefferson said so, and I’m sticking with him.

Folks have no problem calling others socialists, capitalists or communists, etc., but the truth is we’re a little of all of those “isms.” If socialism is so bad, why does the CMC board president or whomever have the gall to say how badly they need the money so they can’t lower their mill levy? Is she so socialistic she can’t imagine that taxpayers may need money to support their families and pay their bills? Maybe it’s not socialism at all, but just pure greed and selfishness. My opinion is we shouldn’t be supporting CMC with the tax dollar, but because of some “masses are asses”-type vote that got passed some years ago, we are.

Compare this to not being able to afford health insurance. The lobbyists and insurance companies are “big” on throwing around the “socialist” word. We know they’re definitely capitalists by the size of their salaries. The CEO of Aetna makes $23 million a year. That’s a lot of premiums and unpaid health problems.

I personally don’t think the lack of health insurance is the total reason so many are unhealthy in our culture. We have a much deeper problem. I sum it up with two ideas: 1) We are living in a huge betrayal and 2) We have no longing for genuine and authentic life. The answers won’t come from Congress. The only thing that comes from the top down is holes. It’s up to each and every one of us to do some sincere soul-searching, and the sooner the better, in my humble opinion.

Roine St. Andre


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