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Time for a compromise

Time for a compromise on the Entrance to Aspen. Although there is no option on the ballot for this, I believe it is the best solution for Aspen. Again, I propose two lanes into town via the straight shot and two lanes out via a modified S-curves.

If CDOT goes ahead with the straight shot without this option in mind, everyone can be assured they will build the bridge and tunnel to accommodate at least four lanes of traffic.

Even if only two lanes will be utilized at the present time, the bottleneck will ensure the development of the remaining lanes. A very large entrance!

I support two lanes out of town on the S-curves route, right-turn only at Cemetery Lane, right lane to not engage the roundabout, and left lane downvalley and return to Aspen.

Also, there should only be HOV lanes downvalley of the roundabout where the road opens up and provides for less confusion, and with a downvalley merge on 7th Street there would be one less light overall.

I understand why the S-curves proponents would not like this approach, but it has the best chance of retaining “somewhat” of a small-town entrance. I cannot see why the straight-shot proponents would be opposed to this compromise.

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