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Tim understands the industry

Dear Editor:What is this “he is a developer” nonsense? Stacey Standley – a mayor when Aspen was creating growth management and RFTA was a ski area developer and planner. Bill Stirling, his successor was a real estate broker.During the 1970s, ’80s and the early ’90s, development was well-controlled because we elected people who understood the industry we were regulating. Since the mid-1990s (which coincidentally was when Mick Ireland took office), it feels like growth is out of control.Why? Because the people writing the rules don’t understand the industry and what it takes to “control” it.I have worked with both men. Both bring strengths to the table. Mick is the best election campaigner the county has ever seen. Tim is a builder who lost so many housing lotteries he decided the only way he would own an affordable home was if he built affordable housing.Tim brought his real-life experience to the Housing Board and modified the rules to better serve the end users and the city. Mick tried to sabotage the needed changes. Tim understands what motivates property owners to do the right thing. Mick puts his finger in the dam, failing to understand we need a new dam.A clear indication of what kind of mayor each man would make was televised on GrassRoots TV on May 8. Though Mick sat down on camera next to the moderator, he refused to acknowledge the moderator. Finally, he responded stating his goal is to “put Aspen in the national spotlight to fight global warming …”In contrast, when Tim Semrau was interviewed, Tim’s focus was on the three issues that Aspen is grappling with … the entrance, downtown redevelopment and housing.Their focus makes sense. As a builder, Tim understands that slow growth, no congestion and a small town with amenities is good business. Mick doesn’t really understand business, but depends on political prowess and visibility to earn his living.As counter intuitive as it may be, Aspen has fared best when the mayor (and the council) were local businesspeople who understood the working core of the city.Shellie RoyAspen

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