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Tim, Tim, he’s our man

Dear Editor:I had to make a comment about the endorsement of Mick Ireland in the Times (“Vote Ireland, Skadron on Tuesday,” June 1). Why? Because it insinuates that Tim is beholden to business interest, and therefore, he would not put the interest of the working folks first. It also insinuates that Mick will put workers’ interest first and business last.Do we have a chicken and an egg here? We can’t have successful business without good workers, and we can’t have good jobs without successful businesses. So who would be best for Aspen, Tim the businessman or Mick the worker man?I think if we look at some history on each candidate, we can determine who is best. I am not an expert, but I have been here for 20 years and have observed both candidates at work.Mick has clearly demonstrated he is anti-business and anti-development and has suffered through two recall elections as a result. Mick is an attorney living in subsidized housing and does not place making money as his top priority. Tim has built over 30 employee housing units as a developer and has been successful in business. So who is best suited to be mayor?Tim is the winner in this contest because he has demonstrated his understanding of the power of the American economy to get things done. When there is a demand for housing, he meets it by building it. Mick is focused on having government use its power to limit free markets and hold business hostage.Mick wants to be mayor to validate his lifestyle and his dislike for the free market. Tim wants Aspen to welcome workers and business in an equitable manner.Vote for Tim, he’s our man, he can do it better than anyone can. The keyword being VOTE.Gaston AlciatoreAspen

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