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Ties must be broken

Dear Editor:

I wanted to reply quickly to the recent op-ed written by Micah Parkin titled “It’s time for ACRA to take a stand” (Feb. 25, 2012, The Aspen Times).

Climate change poses a direct threat to every resort community that depends on snow-based tourism for its economic livelihood. When you consider the potential effects of climate change on mountain communities, it’s very serious business.

Aspen has always been a symbol for thought leadership and innovation and for using its global recognition to create positive change, most especially and recently in terms of climate change. Because of that, Aspen needs to take a stand against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

There is no argument that the U.S. chamber has taken major steps to thwart progress on climate-change solutions, the opposite of what’s in the best interests of the community and against the efforts of Aspen Skiing Co.’s great steps to solve the climate problem. How can ACRA fund a group that’s undoubtedly posing a threat to Aspen’s local businesses?

Can one community make a difference? Definitely. Aspen can. ACRA: Please protect the local economy and set an example for other communities by pulling out of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, immediately.

Chris Steinkamp

Executive director, Protect Our Winters


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