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Tick, tock, tick, tock

ASPEN – It’s been a forgettable year for fans of Louisiana football.

Bama’s 21-0 beatdown of LSU in the BCS national title game, on Jan. 8, still stings. And Alabama homer Paul Finebaum’s endless string of smug remarks about LSU on his satellite-radio show – “Did you hear about the new LSU credit card? Zero points and Les Miles.” – keep the wounds open and fresh.

Seventy miles south of Baton Rouge is New Orleans, home of its beloved Saints – a franchise that represents, in the minds of many self-proclaimed sports pundits, a halfway home for serial killers and rapists. Whatever. At least their quarterback doesn’t maim and murder dogs.

So, here we are, the figuratively dry days of summer showing no end in sight. My only allegiance to a Colorado team, fragile as it is, belongs to the Rockies. And they’re duking it out with the Cubs – shocking! – for the dubious distinction for the worst record in baseball. Awesome.

It’s going to be a grind for the next two months before football season starts. The Summer Games will usher in feel-good stories and ample moments of highs and lows. But the games end as quickly as they start.

Probably my favorite aspect of sports also holds true in the newspaper business – you get your butt kicked one day, and then you get a chance for redemption the next.

That’s why Nov. 3 is circled on my calendar as a day of redemption for LSU. A week earlier, the Saints – provided those evildoers are released from prison – are in Denver to play the Broncos. Another day etched in my mind.

They better be worth the wait.


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