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Thursday March 4, 2004

The Moon has moved into Leo so for a few days you will be, and want to be, and need to be, on stage getting some attention and applause. OK, I know many of you shrink back from that. Believe it or not I even know Leos who avoid attention (not double Leo Mick Jagger!)

– but that is just the flip side of wanting it. It is the fear of wanting it, or the fear that if you want it it will not be there, or that if you allow it you

will get addicted to it, so you get addicted toavoiding it.

The key is to get that it is healthy and normal for human beings to want some attention, some applause and some recognition, and it is important that we all get it. It is not healthy when your wellbeing or self

respect and value depends on it. If that is you, seek help!! Or just find other reasons to love and respect yourself!