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Thursday June 19, 2003

Today is one of those days I love as an astrologer where one or two energy themes are at play and apart from that it is a simple day, even quiet. Today has layers of energy piled on top of one another all

towards one theme (with two branches) and the message is so simple to ensure that we pay attention and get it! It is like the huge billboard in “LA Story” and it faces us and screams “CHANGE NOW OR ELSE!” We are needing to sit back and really take a long hard

critical look at our selves and our lives to see what we need to add or let go of or transform in order to get in line with our true Self. A great way to assist that is ask friends and family to speak or write a ruthlessly honest appraisal of YOU, done with loving support for you to ponder. Often a big ouch but also a great help! ALL of this is so you can rise in your humanity, grow in your love, expand in your dreams.

Airy fairy garbage say some. Poor buggers.

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