Thursday July 3, 2003 |

Thursday July 3, 2003

Thursday July 3, 2003

You will feel very emotionally expansive, and may want to be a bit of a show-off because you will be feeling proud of things and of yourself, and also be feeling connected and deeply intense with you. At the same time you’ll be quite artistically and spiritually open and connected. It all sounds great! Over the next two weeks expect to be very horny and inclined to explore the kinkier sides of sex. Go for it, as it will open you right up to more options, possibilities,

excitement and pleasure. Who can complain?? 🙂 The overall revolution is opening you up in many ways and sending you in different directions, getting rid of the old and outworn and shaking things up to allow the new to come through. So a big part of this now is to do all that with your sexuality, so you can deepen it and you, get more pleasure from it, and so also in the rest of your life. Exploring your own sexual fears and taboos is exciting and naughty and most important of all, it gets you PAST your own collection of fears and

negatives and judgements in your whole life – it loosens you up to have more life enjoyments. Yeah!

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