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Thursday January 15, 2004

Wow, a very emotionally complex day today with a lot going on and many things in your life affecting and impacting many other areas. You will be feeling intense and probably angry in and about your

relationships. Well sure…. they are boring! (See yesterday’s entry) and so of course you get angry, you feel trapped in ennui (look it up!). As well you are angry because all your nice airy fairy ideals seem to

be crashing up against that nasty old wall of reality. Boo hoo!

So what to do? Pull your finger out and take some risks. The ideals you have are NOT to be found or created by being boring and predictable. You need to open to more, take risks, including risk stepping into some unknown territory and open to excitement for a

change. Oooh, that sounds better. THEN your airy fairy dreams become possible because they live in the realm of the unreasonable!!