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Thursday February 12, 2004

There is great inner flow and mental – intellectual flow that is also having its own openings and revolution in thinking so as to create more space for you. This personal space is particularly important in

your relationships, you cannot feel cramped or it will strangle the relationship.

You need to talk this through with other people who are involved in your life so everyone is on the same page and everyone agrees to guidelines and boundaries that you need. For example many years ago I informed all my friends and family that it was totally unacceptable for them to “drop in” to visit me…. that I required them to call first and make sure that worked for me. Part of the reason was that I worked from home and ran sessions for people, but also it was

MY space, MY time and MY choice how and who came and spent that space and time with me. It solved a lot of problems and many friends made the same deal in their life.

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