Thumbs down for Condi Rice |

Thumbs down for Condi Rice

Dear Editor:

I am really disappointed and disgusted that the Aspen Music School would glorify our current secretary of state.

Behind her svelte, high-fashion appearance and her put-on, overly articulated diction lies a neocon viper masquerading as a diplomat. It was this same impressive facade that enabled the Bush administration to push her out to the media in 2003, where she did everything she could to gain support for the Iraq war through fear-mongering, telling Wolf Blitzer in January of that year “we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.”

Among her many electives as a young person, Condoleezza Rice also took figure-skating lessons in Colorado. I think it would be more appropriate for her to perform with Tonya Harding at the Aspen Recreation Center, but, then again, I wouldn’t want to insult Tonya to that level. Harding didn’t take part in causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians and our men and women in the service.

Randy Geren