Through the eyes of Klaus Obermeyer |

Through the eyes of Klaus Obermeyer

ASPEN ” Klaus Obermeyer, Aspen’s snowsport pioneer, celebrated his 88th birthday on Monday with the usual flourish.

He walked through a ski-pole arch at the top of Aspen Mountain and shared strudel with his many fans and well-wishers. And this year, a German public TV crew was on hand to document one of the Colorado’s most prominent German immigrants.

It was an honor to hold a ski pole aloft and take part in an Aspen tradition, and I couldn’t help wondering how a man becomes successful and makes the “golden years” actually seem pretty darn “golden.”

For the man with the glowing aura and ready smile, it’s all about where the rubber meets the road, or where the skis meet the snow.

According to Obermeyer, it’s by not complaining.

Obermeyer is a master of the sound byte, and his glass-is-half-full-attitude is so genuine, he ought to write a motivational book.

“We all have the choice of perception,” Obermeyer said. We can see things in a positive or negative way and affect the outcome by the way we think and act.

And problems are simply “challenges,” no matter how hard it is to find the challenge when overwhelmed with the problem.

His smile is infectious. And with his gleeful yodel always at the ready, a few minutes with the man is like therapy ” a way to gain a whole new perspective on things.

How important is it?

We live in Aspen to ski and live large, not to fret or climb up the desperate rungs of position and real estate.

“Location, location, location,” means where you find those first powder turns after a big dump, not where you place your next 15,000-square-foot home.

Obermeyer is an inspiration.

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