Thrills of Comedy Fest |

Thrills of Comedy Fest

Dear Editor:I have not been a big fan of the Comedy Fest. Recently, I went to the Man of the Year program for Steven Colbert, and I was disappointed, once again, as I watched the smooze [shmooze] crowd enter while I, with tickets in hand, waited outside. Then an old friend, Joe Lang, showed up to help the situation and everything changed. With tickets and two shows to attend the next night, and the knowledge that I had a better look at the Colbert program on closed circuit TV, we proceeded through the weekend.We were most impressed by one comic, Mike DeStefano, who we saw twice – once as a stand up and then later with The Moth as a story teller with a strong and moving presentation of his experience. One could only say, “Wow.”Saturday we attended the documentary about Jonathon Winters, and I have to say this was a thrill as well. But, the highlight of the weekend was the performance by Nilaja Sun at the Wheeler. She moved through about 15 characters in “No Child Left Behind.” She was astounding.Thanks from Petra, Georgia and Andy.Andy HansonAspen Highlands