Thrift Shop steps up for the homeless |

Thrift Shop steps up for the homeless

Dear Editor:

The board and the staff at the Aspen Homeless Shelter (AHS) would like to thank the Thrift Shop of Aspen for its generosity and belief in helping people in the community.

The Thrift Shop of Aspen offers support at many levels to the Homeless Shelter. The Thrift Shop awarded the Aspen Homeless Shelter support through a grant contribution and provides help for those in need with items such as clothing and other goods.

Support from the Thrift Shop of Aspen ensures that the Aspen Homeless Shelter can meet its mission to increase awareness of homelessness; keep people alive, safe and fed while they are homeless; help them access resources to meet their needs; assist in the transition to stability and self-reliance; and provide compassionate and dignified care to those in need.

We would like to express our gratitude to this organization, which makes such a difference for many nonprofit organizations in the valley, especially the Homeless Shelter. Please support the Thrift Shop of Aspen by contributing goods and making the Thrift Shop a shopping destination, as they make such a difference in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Dr. Vince Savage

executive director, Aspen Homeless Shelter

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