Three safes with up to $10,000 inside stolen from Aspen Highlands ticket office |

Three safes with up to $10,000 inside stolen from Aspen Highlands ticket office

Aspen police want to talk with three men who they believe might have witnessed something relating to the theft of three safes from the Aspen Highlands ticket office late Sunday night or early Monday morning. The three men are not suspects in the crime, according to police.
Aspen Police

Three safes containing as much as $10,000 in cash were stolen late Sunday night or early Monday morning from the ticket office at Aspen Highlands, police said Tuesday.

Two of the safes were ripped off the wall and carted out of an office near the ticketing lobby, Aspen police Det. Ritchie Zah said. The third safe, which was located in the same office, weighed about 50 pounds and also was carried out, he said.

All three safes were relatively small, he said. Some officers who responded thought one person could have carried all three safes, though others did not think that was possible, Zah said.

However, surveillance video “leads us to think it was one person” who took the safes, Aspen Assistant Police Chief Bill Linn said. Police have video of the suspect but declined to release images of him Tuesday, he said.

Aspen police did release images of three men they believe might have seen the thief or witnessed something related to the theft. The three men were in the ticketing office area around the time of the thefts, Zah said. One of the men appears to look back toward the ticket office at one point, as if he might have seen or heard something, Zah said.

One of the safes served as a receptacle for valuable lost-and-found items and included several cellphones, he said. Aspen police are asking anyone who might have lost a phone at Highlands recently or can identify the three possible witnesses to get in touch with them at 970-920-5400, Zah said.

All three safes contained cash, including money collected from closing day party events Sunday, he said.

“It was a good amount of money,” he said.

The thief or thieves broke into the ticketing office, though Zah declined to say exactly how. The safes ripped from the wall appeared to have been mounted into the dry wall, he said.

No suspects had been identified as of Tuesday afternoon, Zah said.

A spokesperson for the Aspen Skiing Co. declined to comment Tuesday on the theft.