Three good choices |

Three good choices

Dear Editor:There are three genuinely great candidates for mayor.When I ran for county commissioner in 1992 I was labeled by the press, and plastered by my opponent’s supporters as – gasp – a developer. Don’t vote for the developer! After the election, when reviewing the contribution list my opponent had collected money from basically all the developers and land use consultants in town. Why? Because my policies were perceived as more anti-development than his. Hmmmm. The point? It is about the policies – not the hype.This is not necessarily an endorsement of Tim (I don’t endorse candidates, ever), but being a “developer” myself I get a little tired of that being an automatic disqualification. Tim is as well prepared, based on his experience, to get the most out of developers for the community than any. His vision is not to pave over Aspen and feather his own nest as the hypers and labelers would have you believe. He is a good person with Aspen’s future in mind and he would be a great representative of our town.But no one is more dedicated than Mick, his intentions are sincere, his methods are productive and his goals are to be lauded. I like Mick and his community involvement and support. I have always been on Mick’s side when he was subject to recall and feel he is unfairly maligned on the other extreme. I have also been on his side on many things in the past, like buying the Red Brick and four-laning 82, and I can see more concurrence on issues in the future.And I have always wanted to see more “youth” involvement in politics. Torre is an outstanding choice in this department. So many whine about the loss of vibrancy and excitement in town. Where does that come from? The youth. It would be refreshing to get that zest in power. I have found Torre to be genuine, hardworking and motivated for causes that support the “next generations” of Aspenites (future Aspen geezers). He is a quality person with energy, compassion and personality on his side.So, we have three great choices, I urge everyone to go beyond the labels when making their choice. Personally, I am looking for the candidate most inclined to accept that “change” cannot be stopped and therefore how can we shape and direct it to best suit the needs of our community, not just for the “now,” but also for the future. But hey, what do I know, I am just a developer.P.S.: Sorry I forgot Bonnie – I don’t know who she is, what she stands for, or why she is running, I’ll try and figure that out and then make my choice based on policy, not labels.Scott WriterAspen

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