Three cheers for recycling law |

Three cheers for recycling law

Dear Editor:

It takes the power of government to get things done sometimes. Thank you for approving mandatory recycling for all of Aspen’s residents and businesses.

Also, thank you for relocating the drop-off recycling center from the muddy Rio Grande site to the clean side of Community Bank on Main Street. Now, recycling is in a perfect location, easy to get to, convenient, safe, well-lit and next to the parking garage at Rio Grande.

Moms and dads will no longer have to worry about speeding trucks carrying cardboard to the recycle center who are unable to stop before the collision with the skateboarder coming down the hill by the former youth center, or the soccer player who darts into the street to collect his ball.

What would really be cool in the future is to make a circular entrance to the new recycle center so that people parking in the parking garage could do a drive-through with their recycling. Now that would be some time management and very efficient.

Imagine all the recycling Aspen could be proud of! Thank you again for making safety in our streets and our recycling center a priority!

Toni Kronberg


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