Three candidates for small-town character |

Three candidates for small-town character

Dear Editor:

As a mother of two young children, what I believe is most important for Basalt right now is protecting its small town character so that we remain the unique, safe and special place that we are; maintaining a greenbelt around the town and avoiding sprawl which causes traffic and pollution; and building affordable housing so that our children can afford to live here.

I believe that Pete McBride, Katie Schwoerer and Jacque Whitsitt are the best three candidates to address these issues. I also think these three candidates will best uphold the priorities of the citizen-created master plan. Jacque brings a great deal of passion and experience, Pete brings a strong perspective on preservation, and Katie is deeply committed to Basalt, particularly on family issues.

I will be voting for these candidates on April 1st. I hope you will do the same.

Diana Lane