Three arrested for possession |

Three arrested for possession

Naomi Havlen
Aspen Times Staff Writer

Police arrested three men early Friday morning for alleged possession of cocaine.

Information from one of the men led police to the Aspen apartment of the person suspected of selling them the drugs, although the suspected drug dealer has not yet been arrested.

Aspen Police Detective Jim Crowley executed a search warrant Friday afternoon on unit 304 at the Marolt Ranch apartments after one of the suspects told him where he had bought cocaine.

Crowley said he found seven or eight bindles full of suspected cocaine in the apartment, $600 in cash, forged identification cards and 30 or 40 pieces of paper folded as bindles that had not yet been filled with cocaine.

He said once the suspect is found and arrested, he’ll most likely be charged with possession of cocaine and possession with intent to distribute.

Crowley said that at 2 a.m. Friday morning, police officers saw three men together in the west end of the alley between Hyman and Hopkins avenues, “acting suspicious and ducking in and out of the alley.” Although the officers left the scene for a short period to respond to another call, when they came back two of the men were still in the alley.

The two men consented to a search, Crowley said, and police allegedly found one bindle of suspected cocaine on each man. A bindle is a piece of paper folded to hold cocaine.

One of the men is Augusto Mendez Sanchez, 25, and police are not identifying the other man, who is 23, since during an interview at the Pitkin County Jail the man identified the apartment where he had allegedly bought the drug.

Brian Anderson, 22, was also arrested early Friday morning for possession of cocaine. Crowley said Anderson had been hanging out with the two men in the alley earlier, and was contacted later when he was driving in Aspen. Anderson allegedly dropped a bindle of suspected cocaine during his interaction with police. He was arrested, taken to the Pitkin County Jail and charged with possession of the drug.