Threats to humanity |

Threats to humanity

Dear Editor:This letter is in reply to DRC Brown’s letter of Sept. 26.”In the beginning was the word” which has become man’s super-sized vocabulary. What a piece of work the King’s English is. Behold the meaning and order of Roget’s Thesaurus that lists 28,000 words and phrases that speak of the creativity found in all human thought, dreams, schemes and invention. This is the stuff of Shakespeare.Man’s survival is at risk as he creates continued and rapid changes to his environment. For example, the worldwide Web, TV, photography and voice communications are coming together in a mass-produced cell phone. These multiple 24/7 signals will add to the already overstressed human condition of conspicuous consumption.The ground is sliding out from under evolution. There is no scientific evidence that explains how random selection changed man into a talking ape. His ability to design, plan and create is certainly unique in a universe that, according to the theory of evolution, has no creator.If you think that you understand evolution you may not. Be Brave Comrades.KNCB MooreSanta Barbara, Calif.

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