Threatening our own future |

Threatening our own future

As the residents of Aspen continue the endless debate over the town’s future entrance, no one even seems phased by the present-day transportation dilemma looming much more closely on the horizon.

The Pitkin County commissioners and sheriff are apparently “digging in their heels” and refusing to abide by a federally mandated, nationwide directive to replace the National Guard with their own paid law enforcement at the airport.

Like spoiled adolescents, they are essentially saying, “It’s not our problem, we don’t want it, why should we pay for it?”

Now this act of blatant insurrection is threatening a closure to the Pitkin County Airport. Even the Eagle County airport officials seem to be so amused by the childish antics of our town’s commissioners that they have made an offer to United Airlines to run the race if we decide to shoot ourselves in the foot.

And this is exactly what we would be doing. With our local economy still in the midst of a recession and retailers hopeful of a summer recovery, should we really be having a showdown with the federal government when our second tourist season is on the line?

Brian Boro


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