Thousands of utility meters to be replaced in Aspen

More intelligent ones will take the place of older electric and water meters next month

The city of Aspen this spring is replacing or upgrading thousands of electric and water utility meters as part of its Aspen Intelligent Metering project.

The project was approved in 2018 as an effort to modernize electric and water consumption meters and data collection from 3,100 electric and 4,000 water customers.

The new meters will provide consumption data directly to the department, which alleviates the need for in-person collection of data.

The project requires upgrades or full replacement of some older meters, according to city officials.

SiteWise, the city’s subcontractor, will be installing new meters or replacing them next month, neighborhood by neighborhood.

With the new meters, customers will be able to access their own water and electric consumption data.

The quality of that data also will be improved, and will be more reliable to support efficiency programs, city officials said.

The city’s utilities department can plan capital projects with more certainty with the new system, as well as analyze capacity of the system.

All city utility customers will receive information from the city and SiteWise when meter upgrades will be taking place on their property. A utility bill insert with information about the project went out earlier this month.

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