Thoughts on war |

Thoughts on war

Dear Editor:”We must devise a system where peace is more rewarding than war.”This quote of noted anthropologist Margaret Mead comes to mind whenever I reflect on the war in Iraq. I suppose it’s true if one would prefer peace. Sometimes I wonder if we’re as committed to peace as we claim we are.A friend once told me that the reason why war persists even in this day in age is that it pays off so well, and that both sides are being funded by the same entity which is double dipping from the profit. For the U.S., the bogeymen used to be Communists. Now they’re terrorists – same game plan, different name, that ol’ “us and them” scenario – works like a charm.Let’s face it, a lot of society gets something from war that keeps us coming back for more, be it power, wealth, improved social standing, or simply to be like John Wayne. Sometimes it’s just mundane stuff like paying the rent, buying groceries or having 70 virgins at one’s beck and call in the afterlife.Personally, I prefer the rewards of peace myself. I never much cared for that blaze of glory stuff – too flashy. Oh, well. “All wars are popular for the first 30 days.” – Arthur Schlesinger Jr.Bob KeenanCarbondale