Thoughts on parking shuffle |

Thoughts on parking shuffle

Dear Editor:I find the city of Aspen parking enforcement department position that 750 to 1,000 cars are being shuffled every two hours to avoid paying for parking hard to fathom. Maybe 100 cars a day are being shuffled, but 750 to 1,000, three or four times a day? Come on! Just try to imagine the coordinated effort it would take for employees and employers to pull this off. It would be like a tsunami of humanity spreading out and back across Aspen’s neighborhoods several times each day.In addition, in order for this to work, there would have to be empty parking spaces to begin with before the shuffle could even commence. Has anyone considered the fact that maybe, just maybe, a fair number of these cars parked beyond the paid parking umbrella without permits are being used by folks coming into town to run a few errands and possibly get a bite to eat? Isn’t that the purpose of these perimeter parking places?Lastly, if these 750 to 1,000 parking spaces are eliminated from Aspen’s neighborhoods, where will all of these cars go? I don’t think they could be absorbed at the bus stop parking lots currently in place downvalley from Aspen. Has anyone done an inventory? Just a thought.Greg ShugarsBasalt