Thoughts on drunken driving and carpooling |

Thoughts on drunken driving and carpooling

Dear Editor:

A couple of observations from the last few days of letters to the editor.

First, why would anyone care more about the drunk driver on the mall than the innocent people he endangered with his careless behavior? Technicalities, semantics, who cares? If the United States wants to really deal with the problem of drunk driving, we need to adopt a zero-tolerance policy similar to Norway ” no alcohol in your system whatsoever when operating a motor vehicle, or you lose your license. They don’t have nearly the problem with drunk driving there that we have here. This measure would close nearly all the loopholes for lawyers to exploit and protect the innocent instead of the guilty.

Second, regarding the commute by single drivers into Aspen from points downvalley. Haven’t any of you heard the one about repetitive behavior and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity? Can we talk? Yo, nothing has changed; the commute is going to continue to get worse forever, never better. Are you kidding? You must be living under a rock. No, the commute is not going to get better and government isn’t going to fix your problems for you. Are you just going to bitch about it for the rest of your life, or are you going to adapt? Come on, humans, are we going to evolve, or are we going insane? Did you know you could drive to the Intercept lot and ride the bus for free? Or are you too scared to ride the bus and you’d rather stay isolated in your little vehicle by yourself, getting more and more jaded at your fellow humans as you go? How about working together? The fact that you and your neighbor were competing in separate cars to get to the same place, when you could have commuted together, is ridiculous.

Mike Trecker