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Thoughts of kindness

Dear Editor:

With Thanksgiving in mind, might I suggest a new feature to your newspaper similar to ‘letters to the editor’ but titled, “Caught: Exhibiting kindness or thoughtfulness.”

My morning commute started on a nice note when I was greeted by the bus driver, Lynn Link. She announced the stops and seemed to know a little about the people on board. As we approached the Highlands stop she made her announcement.

When no passenger responded, she glanced in her interior rear view mirror and explained on the microphone, “The Highlands stop is where passengers catch the Castle Creek/Hospital bus.” Still no response. She tried again. Nothing. Then she shrugged and turned the bus left, back out to the road.

At this point another passenger, Mark Billingsley leaned over and spoke to the two elderly Britvar sisters. Confirming what he surmised, he called out to the driver, “Yes, they are going to the hospital.”

Lynn Link reacted instantly and pulled the bus over into the other bus stop, as Mark Billingsley gently helped the two ladies up and towards the door … with Lynn explaining that though they had just missed the bus it would be back around in 10 minutes and to just wait.

As I looked around, all had become engaged in this moment of thoughtfulness. This, I thought, is what community is.

Happy Thanksgiving to us all.

Shellie Roy



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