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Thoughts from the beyond

Dear Editor:Ever since my friend John crossed over a few years ago, we communicate clairvoyantly on many subjects. Sometimes it’s just the two of us. Other times we talk through a medium, as we did on May 29.John was always concerned about the earth and how people treat it. One of the first things he told me shortly after he left the physical is that I’m a member of his soul group. He calls us the Earth Keepers.Apparently he’s still involved. In this recent reading, I asked the medium, “What’s he doing now on the Other Side? Is he still working with the trees and how’s it going?””He says he’s still working very much with Gaia. He’s saying, ‘Living, breathing consciousness. She breathes.’ He’s showing me, you and the rest of the Earth Keepers, and he’s saying, ‘We are working together to keep her alive and well.'”He says, ‘Sometimes a very difficult job. It seems as though Man wants to destroy the very thing that gives Man life. Man does not respect the living, breathing entity of Gaia. Man is very destructive, not only of himself but of the planet that breathes life into him.’Can be difficult at times. Man is constantly polluting and perverting that which has been given to him in love and from God Creator.’So yes, times are difficult right now. But thankfully there are more and more that are awakening to carry forth this truth and message.'”And he thanks you for being one of the bearers of truth.”Then I asked, “What still needs to be done?” The reply was, “Awaken mass consciousness.”That reminded me of a reading I had a few months after 9/11, when I asked for a spiritual perspective on it. Here’s part of John’s reply.”Your astrologers could have told you in advance of September 11th what volatile alignments were taking place. Thousands of ordinary people were having sleepless nights before the event; others had feelings of impending danger. Some even had premonition dreams.”However, as a collective, you were all in denial. That wall of denial (you might call it ‘living in La-La Land’) keeps out all things it doesn’t want to know.”Denial is a very powerful censor. You don’t need censorship of the press if you can create a denial web. Denial works like static on the lines or an information scrambler.”The well-being of the Earth and all her inhabitants is overwhelmingly at risk in these times. Consider it a positive change that the wall of denial has come tumbling down.”Wake up, everyone! The whole world is literally in your hands.”Recently I came across a new book, “The Long Emergency,” about the coming end of the fossil fuel era. The book has a chapter called “Sleepwalking into the Future.”Maybe the author is also one of the Earth Keepers.LinelleAspen