Thoughts from an Iraqi refugee |

Thoughts from an Iraqi refugee

Dear Editor:Below is an edited letter (to correct spelling and grammar) from an Iraqi refugee friend giving her thoughts on the killing of Saddam and the US occupation of her country. She is expression Iraqi nationalism during a season of forgiveness.”Happy New Year and God bless all USA honest people.They kill him, Saddam, to please Bush and the criminals of Baghdad. He was better than them.Bush killed many Iraqis and USA soldiers (thousands) for nothing. Bush should be punished for his crimes by the American people. The UK should punish Blair for killing U.S. and United Kingdom soldiers. We should hang … Al hakim, Sader and Maliki. … He (Saddam) killed people who tried to kill him, defending himself, but Bush, Blair, Hakim and Sader killed many honest people. The Kurdish killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi soldiers in the Iran-Iraq War…. Saddam did many good things, may he be forgiven; but others what good things have they done?!I know we were very poor, but we were safe at least. We had home and country, but now we have nothing. We had honor in his (Saddam) regime. What do we have now? We look like slaves! No home, no country, no hope, no future! May God punish Bush and the U.S. Congress.The killers killed him (Saddam) on a very blessed day of peace, they give us blood. Killing him is not a gift for our children or something to help our situation. I’m writing with tears in my eyes. You can’t imagine our feelings in Jordan, Iraq or all Arab and Muslim countries. They pray God will punish America and Congress for all they did to Muslim countries. It is not right to kill a person in this blessed time for Muslims and Christians. I want to ask Bush what has he given the world and the USA? He give them blood and hate; he gave USA people more and more enemies; and he gave himself shame.”Cathleen KraheCarbondale


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