Those ignorant, lazy humans |

Those ignorant, lazy humans

Dear Editor:

I have read the reports of the recent bear infractions that have caused the Division of Wildlife to kill bears and I can’t help but wonder – what is considered a human infraction that causes the death of a bear?

When a homeowner goes toward a cornered bear, is that not considered aggressive behavior on the part of the human? Is the bear not then being defensive? And how many of these infractions were because a window or door was actually left unlocked? Is the human not at fault and subject to an infraction because they have not abided by the guidelines repeatedly stressed by DOW?

DOW has been informed about a homeowner that does not have a bear-proof garbage container, nor even garbage pick-up service and nothing is done about it. Is that not a human infraction that needs to be addressed?

DOW has admitted that bears are being allowed to feed at the landfill on human garbage. Is that not the same as feeding the bears waste from the restaurants and training them to feed on human food?

There seem to be a lot of inconsistencies in the way the bear problem is being addressed and those human inconsistencies are causing the death of bears. Is issuing more bear hunting licenses the only way to get people to comply with how to live with wildlife?

There are residents in this valley who do not want to see bears killed. Humans are the problem but DOW nor the police department want to deal with all the human infractions, so the answer seems to be kill the bears. Bears have been forced to adapt to the human invasion In this valley and the humans are too ignorant or lazy to comply with the guidelines it takes to save the bears.

Nina Zale


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