Those dirty Democrats |

Those dirty Democrats

Dear Editor:

The political sign wars in the valley these days reflect the policy differences between the two political parties. Since I live in Woody Creek, I’ve had the chance to watch the differences unfold first-hand. The signs are on Highway 82 across from Watson Divide Road, before Snowmass Canyon. It’s worth a drive just for a good laugh.

A number of weeks ago candidates Bob Rankin (Colorado Senate District 5), Scott Tipton (U.S. Congress District 3), and Ken Buck (U.S. Senate) got permission from the owner and erected their political signs in the field. A couple of weeks go by. The Republican signs were getting enough visibility that the Democrats must have felt threatened.

Obviously the Democrats recognized that the three Republicans had a strong message and a great location. So instead of the Democrats finding their own unique venue and message for their signs, first one, then two more, then a fourth, and finally a fifth Democratic candidate tried to upstage their opponents by putting their signs on the fence in front of the Republicans’ signs. There are hundreds of feet of fence along the property with good exposure where the Democrats could have put up their signs. Instead they tried to block their opponents’ signs. If the Democrats’ message and candidates were so strong, they wouldn’t want to be associated with the Republicans’ signs.

The Democrats should be glad to have last year’s policy achievements in Washington stand alone. The Republicans’ conservative message is capturing the public’s attention. So the Democrats must think their best strategy is to try to piggy-back on the conservatives’ message. Voters are tired of games, they want substance.

You might even think that Gail would recognize her sign crews’ unprofessional actions and take a more statesman-like approach and respect the First Amendment rights of her opponent.

The TV ads of the Democrats are much like their sign placement strategy. The Democrats are running one negative ad after another trying to tear down the Republican candidates personally, instead of focusing on their own policy, accomplishments or the strengths of their candidates. Voters want solutions from politicians of both parties, not smear tactics. Most people are far more worried about the economy and jobs than character assassination.

Voters, the differences in policy are made clear by the actions of the two political parties on something as simple as sign placement. Do you want new and different thinking, or a copy-cat group that wants to claim their opponent’s ideas for their own? Vote for candidates with ideas that stand out: Bob Rankin, Scott Tipton and Ken Buck.

Bob Jenkins

Woody Creek

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