Thistle-pulling day |

Thistle-pulling day

Dear Editor:

This year’s abundant summer rains have given us a lush and verdant landscape. Our open space blooms with a riot of wildflowers for all to enjoy. But alas, noxious weeds also grow in profusion.

The prolific thistle grows with haste, reaching up to the warm sun as its prickly trunk and leaves grow ever taller. Soon the pink blossoms of the thistle will be like flags in the breeze. When summer wanes, the blossoms will change into million of seeds to be whisked by the wind across the land like an army of paratroopers invading the landscape. But being good stewards of the land, we stem the tide by pulling this obnoxious weed up by its roots before it can spread seed.

In memory of Fritz Benedict and Elizabeth Paepcke, two stalwart opponents of the thistle, the city of Aspen should proclaim an annual “Thrash a Thistle Day”. A day on which citizens and council members would contribute an hour, or more, to pull thistles.

Control of obnoxious weeds and their eventual eradication is a worthwhile goal of the city and county. Good stewardship of the land mandates that all citizens make an effort to respect and care for their environment. By “pulling together” (pun intended) we can do wonders toward the reduction and eradication of this obnoxious weed.

Jim Markalunas

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