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This week in Aspen History

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One digital image of children ice skating in Aspen, 1915-. The Courthouse can be seen in the background, as well as the steeple of St. Mary's Catholic Church, St. Stephens's and the rectory. This skating rink (sponsored the Winter Sports Club) was located on the corner of Hopkins and Galena. Galena Street and Main Streets are visible in the background.
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“The big rink opens tomorrow afternoon,” announced the Aspen Democrat-Times on Dec. 9, 1916. “Tomorrow afternoon at 2 o’clock the big skating rink, corner of Hopkins and Galena, being put under way by the Winter Sports Club will be open and ready for business. Owing to the cold spell in the weather the last two or three nights, the Club has been able to do considerable work and consequently the rink is now completed and awaits only the large crowds to enjoy themselves skating there every afternoon and evening. Tomorrow afternoon is the big opening of the rink and the best policy is to be there early and enjoy yourself with a good skate and not having to walk a mile or two to get it. Then too, the old Hare assay office will be all nice and warm for you to enjoy a rest in and if wanting any refreshments of any sort Bill Platt will be on the job to answer all your wants in the same building. The opening of the rink is indeed welcome news to the lovers of skating in Aspen and to say that the rink will be crowded tomorrow would be putting it mildly, and still you must remember that 500 people can be accommodated on the rink at one time and still there would be room for more if needs be the case. Admission, adults, 25c, High School students, 15c, children 10c. Get out your skates tomorrow and help the Winter Sports club, the livewire association of the city. Tomorrow morning it is asked that 10 or more live members of the club report at the skating rink about 8:30 to put a few finishing on the building which will serve as a rest room for the skaters, and a few minor things to be finished on the rink. Be out fellows and help now that the opportunity is before you!”

The image above shows people skating at the rink, circa 1916.

Aspen Times Weekly

This week in Aspen history

“Without any exception the worst snow storm known since the advent of the railroad west of Leadville has been raging over the crest of the continental divide since last Thursday,” asserted the Aspen Tribune on January 31, 1899.

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