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This week in Aspen history

A skier 12 miles up Independence Pass, circa 1922. There is a building in the background and a sign with arrows indicating the direction of Independence Pass and Aspen.
Aspen Historical Society/Courtesy photo

“Trip to Lost Man,” announced a headline in the Aspen Democrat-Times on April 25, 1921. “On Saturday H.W. Clark and Frank Balley went as far as Lost Man on the Independence Highway. They report the snow at that point between two and three feet, but soft, and that no great difficulty would be experienced in breaking through. It is Mr. Clark’s intention to get together a bunch of huskies and on next Thursday break the road through from Dane camp to Lost Man. It is the determination of the Chamber of Commerce committee and other good roads boosters to break the road so that men may be put to work at the earliest possible moment, and that will be as soon as supplies and equipment can be taken in to Lost Man. Deane camp will be the temporary base of supplies. No doubt Thursday’s drive will be the last until loaded outfits are pushed through when hard rock miners will begin blasting the way to the top of the range. Mr. Harlan will noon begin work on the other side and we may reasonably hope to see the highway open before the summer merges into fall. Volunteers be ready for the trip Thursday next.”

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