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This week in Aspen history

One b/w glossy photograph of the ski school meeting area at the base of Aspen Mountain. Several people are gathering around the area, circa 1965.
Aspen Historical Society/Courtesy photo

“In regular fashion, Aspen Ski School instructors and student gathered at the town meeting place at 9:15 AM Friday, April 1 – April Fool’s Day,” noted The Aspen Times on April 1, 1960. “A few instructors stood by their markers in the gently falling snow awaiting the assignment of students. Friedl Pfeifer and Morrey Shepard, in the center of the quadrangle, asked perspective pupils how well they could ski and then directed them to the proper teachers. The same scene could have been witnessed any Monday through Saturday this winter. Then, at 9:30, the tranquility was interrupted when two vehicles, horns honking, drove up and disgorged what seemed to be horde of suntanned and smiling skiers- all wearing the familiar red sweaters of the Stein Eriksen Ski School at the Aspen Highlands. Out hopped Aspen Ski School Stalwarts Toni Spiss, Anderl Molterer, Sepp Uhl, Bob Cutting, Betty Buckley, Charlie Patterson, Wes Thorpe, Fuzzy Cox and John Mathias. Friedl registered surprise and Morrey’s face expression resembled that of a racer who had been shoved off from the starting gate without his poles. Soon the contagious smiles and laughter of the newcomers spread to everyone watching the proceedings. Meanwhile, at the Aspen Highlands, a similar scene unfolded. Greeting their pupils in the blue parkas of the Aspen Ski School were Eriksen instructors Hans Worlich, Trygve Berge, Sigurd Rockne, Tim Hayden, Jackie Green, Stu Heick, Lada Vrany, Anne Lise Buck, Arne Marenson and Magne Nostvahl.”

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