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This Week in Aspen History

One glossy b/w photograph of a crowd of people at the base of Aspen Mountain., circa 1938. On the run above them is a slalom race course.
Aspen Historical Society/Courtesy photo

“Stage set for running of RMSA races; record crowd of ski fans expected here for big event,” proclaimed the Aspen Times on February 23, 1939. “Aided by the experience gained in conducting last year’s RMSA championship meet on Roch Run, the Aspen Ski Club has practically completed all preparations for the big meet at this early date. The racing course has been packed its full length and will again be packed before the races. This is the only major task facing the local club, however, this job will be completed several days before the race days. Invaluable assistance has been given by members of Denver’s leading ski clubs who assisted in handling the meet last year. All preparatory work will be completed by next Wednesday. Race entry lists will close February 28th, however, skiers may enter after that date but they will not be eligible to draw race entry numbers. They will be entered as they sign up and will be assigned numbers in order of their appearance. Aspen expects the largest number of visitors in the past 25 years to be here for the races, and the problem of handling that throng constitutes the major worry which has beset the populace. Preparations are being made to properly feed the visitors, as church organizations will aid by serving dinners on Sunday, March 5th. However, as all available overnight accommodations have been reserved, all persons having available rooms to rent out are urged to contact ski club officials or call The Times and arrangements will be made with visitors to stay in private homes. To date accommodations for about 50 visitors have been made in local homes. The Rio Grande will run buses between here and Glenwood and if the situation warrants, a special train Sunday to take visitors back to their homes.”

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