This week in Aspen history

The photo above shows large sleigh pulled by a team of four horses, stopped in front of the Tagert house on Durant Avenue, circa 1900.
Aspen Historical Society/Courtesy photo

“Jingling sleigh bells and merry laughter greeted the frequenters of the streets yesterday afternoon,” observed the Aspen Democrat on January 15, 1905. “The lady teachers and other guests were tendered a sleigh ride by Miss Avah Stockman. Johnny Williams handled the reins over his beautiful white fours and the joy was hilarious. After a delightful trip through the environs of the town the merry party were driven to the home of the charming hostess, where a delicious and elaborate luncheon was served. The place cards were especially artistic and appropriate, the work of Miss Stockman. The affair was most unique and one of the chic social events of the season.”

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