This war can’t be won |

This war can’t be won

Dear Editor:

The fact is that this war on drugs was started back in the ’60s and no matter how many drug dealers you bust by either undercover or any other means I believe the day after the bust you will be able to find just about any drug you want. The amount of money the taxpayers put out each year to support the DEA and to keep the drug dealers incarcerated is absolutely ludicrous.

This country is going to go bankrupt with all the spending of our tax dollars fighting unwinnable wars.

This war has been going on for 50-plus years, with trillions of dollars spent on it, and still there is no end in sight.

Don’t take my word for it, get on the net and do your own homework.

I have pride in the fact that our sheriff’s department hasn’t gone down that road.

I’m proud of the fact that this community tends to have the intellect to see past this sheep mentality that the rest of the country follows.

Do you truly think that undercover work will make this community clean of drugs? If so, please name one town in the U.S. where illegal drugs are not available, and if you can find one I highly recommend recruiting their police chief to work in our city police department. My guess is that most of the drugs in this community are within the city limits, which would make it their jurisdiction. Sorry to put that on the shoulders of our fine police department.

The argument I get anytime I talk to friends about this is, do I want drug dealers to be selling drugs to kids? Nobody in their right mind wants kids to be able to buy drugs in this community, but the fact is drugs will always be available.

Steve Stevens


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