This Utah company thinks it’s changed ski tuning forever |

This Utah company thinks it’s changed ski tuning forever

Jason Blevins
The Denver Post

A pair of Phantom-treated skis are tested at Loveland ski area in October. (Jason Blevins/The Denver Post)

SALT LAKE CITY — From tree sap and whale blubber to chemically enhanced concoctions of silicon and fluorinated carbon, skiers have long tinkered with treatments to make sticks glide on snow.

Stephan Drake thinks it’s time to end the dabbling and the centuries-old history of ski waxing. The founder of Utah’s DPS Skis has come up with an environmentally friendly, one-time treatment for ski and snowboard bases that will forever eliminate the need for noxious waxing.

“We are sticking our necks out and we are going against the entrenched paradigm,” Drake says of the proprietary, permanent base glide treatment he’s calling Phantom. “We are kind of starting a new business here.”

After months of work with chemists and engineers from the University of Utah, Drake and his team at DPS Skis have created a one-time treatment that could banish steamy wax dens buried in the backs of ski shops around the world. The revolutionary Phantom is a patent-pending potage of nontoxic chemicals that, according to DPS’ intentionally hazy description, “permanently polymerizes” to the base material of skis and snowboards, “rendering them organically inert.”

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